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Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Beit Ad-nai Yisrael Messianic Jewish Synagogue is a spiritual home for Jew & Gentile who embrace Yeshua as Messiah & Lord.  Through Torah Study, worship, and service to our brothers & sisters, BAY expresses faith in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.  We encourage you to visit us and learn more about our community life...



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Rabbi JayRabbi Jay Ledbetter

The Testimony of R.H.J. "Jay" Ledbetter, J.D. -

Origin...   There are two branches of my family, one from Poland or "White Russia", and the other from England.  The English branch - Ledbetter - came to America during the late 1600's and eventually settled in the hill country of North Carolina.  That trek to the new world coincided with the second of the great purging of Jews from England.  My grandfather moved to Oklahoma in the great push westward, in response to lots of open land in that part of the nation.  From conversations later in my life, I understood that the move was initiated as yet another attempt of the Ledbetters to avoid any "special attention" they had received back in North Carolina.  The goal, it would seem, was to simply disappear into the center of America, and to likewise disappear into the great masses of Americans who populated that march westward.

The Polish branch - made up of two families - came to America in the 1880's.  They were apparently fleeing the pogroms of that partrjl2 of Europe. - brought to wider public attention by the play (and later the movie) Fiddler on the Roof.  One branch of the family lived in Lublin, Poland.  Lublin was the center of the Jewish culture in Poland.  The other branch of the family lived in Kiev, which was another center of culture in the Ukraine.  I am not certain whether it was my great grandmother or great grandfather, but one fled Lublin to Kiev, married the other there, and had a child.  During the Bolshevik revolution - multiplying the misery of the pogroms of Europe - this young family came to America.  The family names were changed as they arrived here.  The Polish line wound up being "Radon" (probably starting out as "Ritten"), and the Ukrainian line became "Fraley" (probably beginning as Froelich).  My grandmother was born in the USA soon after her family arrived here, and became the wife of Crawford Ledbetter, my grandfather.  My grandmother spoke English, but poorly.  I recall visiting her in the hospital not long before she died, and I recall she was reading newspapers in a foreign language (I saw the language, but couldn't read it.  From that recollection, and from what I know today, that paper had to be in Yiddish).

I knew none of my family history as I grew up.  I did know that my grandfather was circumcised, as I knew that my father was, too.  I found out as a young man that I had been circumcised on the 8th day, but that meant nothing to me at the time.  None of the family attended any church or synagogue of any kind.  Nobody ate kosher.  Nobody kept Sabbath.  For an outward observer, the Ledbetter family was nothing more than just another immigrant family of no particular interest.  The assimilation had been rather complete.

My father always told me we were a family from Germany.  He used that to explain why he was beaten up frequently as a child.  My mother insisted that we attend some sort of church on occasion, and so my father allowed it.  We had no particular denomination in which I could identify with, but we worshipped G-d and understood Yeshua as Messiah, although to us, he was called "Jesus".  My mother insisted (on a frequent basis) that I have the highest regard for the Jewish people, and never say anything against that people.  It was a recurring theme in her instruction, but I didn't understand then why...

Troy KristiTroy & Kristi Courkamp

Elder Troy Courkamp was born in Eads, Colorado and was raised in Colorado Springs.  He and his wife Kristi have been married for twenty-three years and have three children, Nate, Bekah and Talia.  In addition to the responsibilities as Elder, Troy serves as President of Beit Ad-nai Yisrael as well.  He spent two of his junior high school years at Immanuel Lutheran and attended high school at Colorado Springs Christian School.  "My time at Immanuel introduced me to things like confirmation, catechism, structured worship, creeds and liturgy", he says, "I don't want to give the impression that I actually enjoyed any of these newly introduced things, in fact I owe apologies to teachers and pastors for my stubborn reluctance".  However, he states, "four years at CSCS instilled a love for the Bible through memorization and defending what I believed in G-d’s word, and I had the most wonderful Bible teachers - I still carry that same passion for the Scriptures today".  Following high school, Troy entered the Air Force Reserves where he spent 20 years in Security Services.  It's during this time that he married "my most beloved best friend, Kristi, and we started our family".  "We were very involved in our church (he and Kristi served as youth sponsors, in the young married ministry, and Troy served as a Deacon in the Assemblies of G-d), he says, "when in 2003, G-d put in me a desire to explore the Hebrew roots of my faith, that journey leading us to Beit Ad-nai Yisrael (BAY), that first service was amazing, everything was different and new".  "New", he states, "was that the Hebrew language was read, spoken and sung; I saw my first Torah Scroll; I saw young people take their place in active roles throughout the service; oh yeah, worship dance, that was new and beautiful too - not the same as the Pentecostal 2 step".  "Different", Troy says, "there was a level of reverence I wasn’t familiar with, we read liturgy that moved me to tears".   "Somehow I found the ability to ‘worship in spirit and in truth’ within a structured worship service, and such an importance was placed on the word of G-d - the congregation stood each time a passage was read".  "It’s hard to describe", he says, "but in that first visit I fell in love with everything I had rebelled against at Immanuel and found a group of people who had a passion for the word like I had seen at CSCS".

I’m a talmid (student), says Troy, "of the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus)".  "When I was four I remember coming downstairs to inform my mom - Karlene Anne Courkamp of blessed memory - that I had asked Jesus to come into my heart".  "I have almost no memories outside this personal relationship with my G-d".  Troy says of his growing up in Colorado Springs and growing spiritually, "I attended 3 of the best Charismatic churches in town with my family (Open Bible, Foursquare, Assembly of G-d)".  Following his first visit to Beit Ad-nai Yisrael, he says, "It was wonderful and I couldn’t wait to come back next week".  "Kristi, on the other hand, was thinking 'Ok, we did this once to check it out, can we get back to our church where everything is familiar?'"  "I was ready to dive right in; Kristi was ready to dip her toe".  "I then received the most wonderful council from Rabbi Malone - he taught me Beit Shalom which means Peace in the Home - in other words for the sake of peace in my home I should slow down and allow Kristi to have her own journey at her own pace".  "This worked and in time Kristi was ready to jump in too".

"Each year since 2003 has been a continuation of that journey that started back at the age of four".  "I like to tell people who ask about my journey that my faith has grown and continues to grow, but it has not changed since the day I asked Jesus into my heart". "The only thing that changed back in 2003 was the way in which I choose to express my faith".  "I believe that Messianic Judaism comes the closest to what the early fellowship of believers would have looked like, and I would invite anyone to come worship with us… you can dive in or just dip your toe...".

Alan AnnaAlan & Anna Buske

Deacon Alan Buske has been a member of Beit Ad-nai Yisrael for four years, has served as Deacon for two years, and has performed the duties of Elder within a messianic community prior to joining Bay.  His wife of 21 years, Anna, serves as secretary at Bay.  Alan was born and raised in Iowa and joined the Air Force at the age of nineteen.  After returning to Iowa from California, where he was stationed for four-years, he began working with his father in their body shop.  At 35, Alan moved to Colorado where he met his "soul mate", Anna, and they have been on their halakhah (Torah lined path, walk) their entire marriage.  At an early age, Alan began to question his purpose in contrast to exposure regarding evolution teaching.  "Evolution was the lie that distorted the truth about mankind's purpose for being here", he says, "within a week (of beginning to question his purpose) I began to hear a radio-broadcast that taught about G-d's Holy Days, the Sabbath, his laws for living and walking in those laws as Yeshua walked".  "Through Yeshua's sacrifice", he states, "(there is) absolute forgiveness of sins, and without him there would be no salvation for anyone".  Alan states that because of so much time he and Anna spend with their Bay family outside of the Synagogue, that the community has become as if their real family.  "Please come and worship with us and find out what G-d has for you", he says, "eye has not seen nor ear heard what G-d has prepared for those who love him." (1 Cor. 2:9)

Anna Buske serves as secretary at Beit Ad-nai Yisrael.  She is a Colorado Springs native, "raised in a Christian family and attended Our Saviors Lutheran Church (while growing up)", she states.   Anna has two children and three grandchildren by her first marriage.  She has served as Secretary at BAY for two years, and states having served as Deaconess with another congregation prior to her and Alan joining BAY.  In addition to her general secretarial duties at BAY, Anna diligently assists in a wide array of BAY events.  "Serving this family is my greatest honor", she says, "I lead dance and help with planning and coordinating the many BAY family activities".  Concerning Anna's attraction to her Hebraic roots, she says that even as a child she questioned the celebration of traditional holidays, and wondered why The Holy Days were looked over by the mainstream.  "Alan and I have been walking a Torah led life for 20 years and I find I can learn something new every day that confirms G-d is the same in Genesis as he is in Revelation", she continues, "Developing a closer relationship with Yeshua is so very sweet".  She says that satisfying the questions she had from early years came when she married her "soul mate Alan, and we began to study the whole Bible".  "Bay has truly become our extended family", says Anna, "in all ways, work, play, worship and support".  Anna would like would-be visitors to know that if you are looking to experience the Torah walk, the BAY community walks as a family..

Greg KarenGreg & Karen Cooke

Deacon Greg Cooke - I was born May 7th, 1967 in Honolulu Hawaii, the youngest of 5.  My family are direct descendants of the first protestant missionaries to Hawaii arriving in 1835.  Due to the influx of foreigners, the King at that time asked my ancestors to establish a school set apart for the education of future kings and high chiefs.  Our influence in Hawaiian history started from King Kamehameha IV through the last queen, Liliokalani. Although my family’s history started rich in the service of G_d, by the time my generation came into existence, serving G_d in the Cooke family was long gone.
My first experience with G_d was through a gracious Catholic family who invited me to their family bible study.  I was 9 at the time.  It was there that the saving grace of Jesus (Yeshua) was revealed.  A few days after attending their bible study, I had come to the realization that I needed to accept him as my personal savior.  I didn’t exactly know what that meant but I didn’t care because I knew that G_d was with me. Every Sunday I hopped on my bike and traveled 5 miles to the nearest chapel to attend Mass.
After 6th grade, my parents enrolled me in a private protestant Christian school. From 7th through 9th grade, I grew more and more in my relationship and understanding of G_d and further and further away from the Catholic beliefs.  I lived my life with G_d. I’d become so excited about what I was learning, it was very evident with my family and friends.  My life reflected my understanding of G_d so much that I was given the nickname of “church boy”.  This went on through my high school years when I was pulled out of the private Christian school and placed in public school.
After High school, I had enrolled in the local community college then to a business college.  During this time I got involve with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) from a recommendation of a good friend attending the University of Hawaii.  For 6 months straight, I would drive to the UH campus to attend a number of their bible studies and worship events.  It was at one of these events that I was challenged to attend one of several sponsored missionary opportunities that shared the gospel of Christ to complete strangers.  This scared me to death. Instead I opted for an opportunity to serve as a helper at CCC’s annual staff training event held at the Colorado State University campus in Ft. Collins, Colorado. This was one of the first experiences I had on the “mainland”, what we Hawaiians call the continental United States. During this time, my desire to be a missionary pilot took hold and I applied to attend Moody Bible Institue in Chicago Illinois. Since they had a “missionary aviation” program, I thought this to be my calling. So in the fall of 1989, I was off to Chicago to attend college as a missionary aviation major.
Things didn’t work out as planned.  The intense bible classes and theological classes proved to be more than I was ready for not to mention the cultural shock of such a foreign place. By the end of the first semester, I was put on academic probation, just couldn’t make the grades.  Then by the end of the year I was asked to leave.  I was devastated.  Four weeks before leaving the campus, I met the love of my life.  Karen had caught my eye throughout the year but I never could build up to guts to talk to her.  She approached me and introduced herself.  I was instantly smitten.  That summer was spent writing letters back and forth and working my tail off bringing up my grades through correspondence school so I could attend Moody again to court Karen.  I was given the OK to attend the spring semester at Moody after which I had asked Karen for her hand in marriage.
During the summer after our wedding, we packed up our belongings and headed south to attend LeTourneau University in Longview Texas.  For the next four years, Karen and I were involved in church ministries and the raising of our two beautiful children.  After graduation, we packed up our belongings and moved back to Illinois then eventually ended up in Colorado Springs.  It was at this point that Karen started to really dig deep into scripture and question why we believe what we believe.  Our good friend, Max‐Paul Franklyn, a movie producer, had asked Karen and me to watch a video he took of the Michael Rood ministries. From there we picked up just about every book we find about the Jewish origins of our faith, Karen more so than me.  Our curiosity reached its peak when we decided to attend Beit Ad-nai Isriael, after the report from our good friend Tim Waller who attended a service the week before.  Our understanding went through the roof.  Things that were vague in scripture before became clear.  After a month or two of attending BAY and studying scripture from a Jewish perspective, it was evident that this was the work of G_d and this is the path He wanted us to take.

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